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We hope you can follow our news and travels through this excellent website, designed by a local friend in Cradley.  If you have problems with the map of the world, use the wheel to find your way up and down. If anything appears not up to date use the browser refresh button. Return visits are recommended as we constantly update it especially, with new travels.
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CHRISTMAS 2020 A very different Christmas this year and we both wish you all a very safe one. Like many others, we are not sure whether to meet up with our family or not and will probably make a last minute decision. At the time of writing this, there does seem to be some light in the distance, and I think I will be the first of our family to be vaccinated, being the oldest. We have put a few photos for you to look at. Hopefully our next Christmas letter (see our Xmas letter on the side) will be a more cheerful one. Derek and Ann
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Malvern flood Egypt- Makadi Bay Lake District St Patrick's Day in Lanzarote Ann working hard Wild poppy field in the Cotswolds Getting ready for Winter Derek with manual for new car Scilley Islands Lobster feast Preparing for Winter Scilley Islands Walls down at Burlton House Walls down at Burlton House Removing overgrown creepers Ann's precious Ager arriving

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